Hello! I'm Diana Kuen. Welcome to Girl Reinvented, LLC my new company, and textile brand, but also the home of my blog (, which chronicled my transition from NYC excess – running a successful publishing business producing travel sections for the New York Times and Boston Globe – and traveling the world – to giving up absolutely everything and taking an unplanned, anonymous, liberating, crazy, always joyous, sometimes scary, life-altering (328-day) camping adventure across America in a 5'x 8' tear drop trailer alone with my dog.

My camper was basically a bed on wheels, with a galley kitchen outside and a only a few strategically placed storage compartments. There was barely enough room to sit up. I cooked in the snow, danced and stomped in the rain, showered at campgrounds, barely looked in the mirror, built fires, slept under the stars, hiked for hours and skinny dipped in any body of water I could find. I got to know myself – finally. I had been playing the game, following the rule book and climbing the ladder, but no more. I was anonymous. Free. Profoundly happy in a way that's hard to describe. I was all alone, but never lonely. Living in each moment. I had no plan. No expectations. No agenda. No direction. It was raw, liberating and life changing. I gave up everything, but never felt more complete. 

GR represents every woman and girl with a dream and the courage to go after it. I walked away from everything and headed west – and in the process found my true north. 

Life with purpose – now I bring you #Dish Towels With Purpose – a luxury line of dish towels that brighten your kitchen and give back to charity. What we do needs to matter.

Oh and now tote bags too!